A low maintenance alternative to traditional lawn 

A low maintenance alternative to traditional lawn

There has been a long feud between traditional lawn and artificial turf. Artificial turf has been a misunderstood and misrepresented product in the past.

Here at The Garden Planners, we can provide you with up-to-date information on the best artificial turf which is a low maintenance and the perfect alternative to traditional lawn in an increasingly busy society.


Synthetic grass products have come a long way in the past few years with the progression of technology and environmental sciences, providing us with products such as Everest and EzyTurf to help everyday Australian families create a yard they will love spending time in.

Everest and EzyTurf require minimal maintenance. Artificial turf will require only the occasional broom/rake or blow down to remove any debris accumulated and removal of pet messes. Unlike natural grass which contains microorganisms that will break down animal faeces, fake grass must be hosed down or washed to remove animal droppings and other natural substances.

Artificial turf is a water-efficient alternative to traditional lawn. Once installed, artificial turf will only require water for cleaning. This will not only save you money but also save thousands of litres of water over the life of the turf.

Variations of synthetic grass such as Everest and EzyTurf are Australian made products manufactured to Australian standards. They are lead and heavy metal free unlike many inferior overseas products on the market.

They are made using quality raw materials of only the highest grade sourced from reputable companies, and the manufacturing process has numerous checking stages ensuring stringent quality control.

In the past synthetic grass has retained the heat and has been known to be more than 10 degrees hotter in mid-summer. However due to the progression of innovation and new technologies such as “CoolGrass”, artificial grass is being designed to suit the harsh Australian climate and can contain UV inhibitors.

These UV inhibitors are essential in protecting the turf from fading and becoming brittle and allow the product to remain cool in the Australian sun.

This not only provides the Australian environment with a more sustainable product but will give your family a child and pet-friendly place to sit, stand and play for years to come.

With such a high-quality product the appearance of the turf will be sure to impress for a lot longer than its 10-year warranty.


Everest looks and feels unbelievably natural. But that’s not all this fake grass offers, it is proven to reduce the surface temperature of the artificial grass by up to 30 per cent making the area cooler and considerably more comfortable during hot weather.

The market leading technology behind the product allows it to dissipate heat into the atmosphere rather than absorbing it. This premium Australian made artificial lawn product offers all these benefits and is covered by a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty.


Ezyturf is an alternative Australian made landscape product if you are in the market for a budget synthetic turf product. It offers a great look and a soft feel and is constructed from high quality materials.

Ezyturf is manufactured with a lower sub-pile providing support to the high pile which gives this fake grass a unique blend.


To find out more information on how you can ensure the grass will always be greener on your side of the fence, get in touch with The Garden Planners via 1300 599 989 or pop into our new design studio at 52 Heygarth Street Echuca (by appointment only).

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