Green Walls: A growing trend

Green Walls: A growing trend

You may have noticed that indoor spaces are growing a little greener. Though they go by different names – living walls, green walls, vertical gardens – these new hanging indoor plantscapes seem to be sprouting up in residential and commercial spaces everywhere.

A Green Wall is a partial or completely covered vertical space comprised of a collection of houseplants that gain sustenance from an integrated watering system.

At The Garden Planners, we are a distributor of the Vicinity Greenwall Vertical Garden System.

With an abundance of plants to choose from and access to our advice and wholesale nursery, you can create the look and feel to suit your lifestyle and mood such as planting a fresh edible garden in the kitchen for the cooking enthusiast or utilising lush textual indoor plants for a unique piece of artwork. The options are endless.

We have confidence that even the most novice of gardeners will be able to easily plant an indoor garden and sustain the long-term benefits of indoor greenery, all while utilising minimal space in the room and enjoying an aesthetically pleasing visual effect.

These modular wall planters are a foolproof, low maintenance option for styling any space.

Why Plant A Green Wall?

Green Walls have an abundance of benefits to your health, home and hip pocket.

Improve air quality

There are numerous health and well-being benefits of vertical gardens and living walls with studies continuously showing a positive impact from access to plants.

Acting as a biofilter for the air, living plants use the process of photosynthesis to act much like a sponge, naturally removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the air and either trapping them within their own tissue or breaking them down and releasing them as a harmless by-product.

Having an indoor green space can prevent and aid in the recovery of cold and flu and other environmental illnesses as well as assisting in the management of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Protect your building

The insulating effect also helps preserve your building. Rapid heat fluctuations can cause a building to crack over time. When structures are protected from the suns rays, they can last much longer without needing major repairs.

A Green Wall will also act as an acoustic barrier as the vegetated surface will provide a reduction in high-frequency sounds and the growing medium will create a reduction in low-frequency noises, giving the room a quieter more peaceful feel.

Save on energy costs

With the naturally occurring cooling effect on air movement throughout the building, the Green Wall will reduce the cost of running an aircon system as they will require less energy to cool the air prior to circulation.

In winter, the Green Wall will help reduce heating costs due to the increase in humidity from transpiration.

Save money

Closer to the hip pocket, utilising a Green Wall will not only provide you with an energy efficient solution to keeping the environment comfortable all year round but give you the option to plant your own outdoor organic herb or vegetable garden even in the smallest of areas.


A Green Wall can help create an indoor sanctuary in your home, office and communal meeting places with a welcoming, relaxing and mood-boosting vibe.

Green Walls are also perfect for entertaining and outdoor dining areas with fresh herbs next to the pizza oven or delicious berries for sunny afternoon snacks.

To find out more information on how you can install a Green Wall or view our demo Green Wall, get in touch with The Garden Planners via 1300 599 989 or pop into our new design studio at 52 Heygarth Street Echuca (by appointment only).

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