New Council Landscape Guidelines To Ease Planning Permit Pains   

When planning a property development, it can be difficult for people to understand which landscape plans are required to meet council expectations.

The key to a stress-free development is to plan ahead. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to understand your obligations from the outset and to ensure you allow enough time to complete all requirements.

At The Garden Planners, our experience and expertise with council building approvals removes the hassle and frustration often experienced by landscapers, builders and developers. We specialise in preparing landscape design plans that are practical, well thought out, within budget and that meet the requirements of council.

Recently, we were pleased to hear the Campaspe Shire Council, Greater Shepparton City Council, Moira Shire Council and the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA), have taken a proactive step to assist people in the planning phase, with the release of a Landscape Plan Guide for residential, rural, commercial and industrial developments in the local government areas.

This guide has been prepared in partnership by the above councils and GBCMA to develop consistent standards for the preparation of landscape plans, implementation of landscape works and ongoing maintenance for new developments.

What does this mean?

Anyone looking to develop land in the Campaspe, Greater Shepparton or Moira shires now has a Landscape Plan Guide that outlines what they can and can’t do, and points them in the right direction for land development that is in line with council standards.

It will mean that when submitting a planning permit application, developers will need to think about

the environmental impacts, beautification of streetscape and appropriate vegetation to be planted, as part of their landscape design plan.

How will the Landscape Plan Guide be used?

It is recommended that the Landscape Plan Guide be made available to anyone considering landscape developments, particularly developers and planning permit applicants early in the planning process to enable understanding of landscape plan requirements that are in line with the agreed standard across the Campaspe, Greater Shepparton and Moira municipalities.

It will encourage people to put landscape design planning at the forefront of their project planning and help to save time, money and stress in ensuring their landscape design is compliant from the get go.

What does the Landscape Plan Guide include?

The new landscape guidelines will apply to all new developments that require landscaping concept plans to be submitted as part of a planning permit application.

The guide provides an outline for residential, rural, commercial and industrial developments’ approvals process and requirements, landscape design considerations, landscape plan requirements, general materials and techniques, and plant species required in landscape developments.

It promotes the use of native and indigenous species and includes a comprehensive list of appropriate species that are suitable to the climatic conditions and local character of the municipalities.

More than just red tape

We understand that to some, this might seem like just another hurdle they need to jump in order to appease council.

But we believe the release of the Landscape Plan Guide is a positive tool for the area.

By complying with consistent standards we all have the opportunity to not only improve the visual and environmental quality of our communities but, through beautification, we can continue to increase the value of our own properties.

It will ensure councils and the catchment management authority have appropriate consideration of, and input into, landscape developments to maintain sustainable landscapes that contribute positively to our local environments.

We are here to help

If you would like to know more information about how the new Landscape Plan Guide will impact your next project or how we can create a landscape plan that will save you time, money and effort in ensuring your landscape design is compliant with council requirements, contact Craig at The Garden Planners on 0438 463 233.

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