Designing the right space for an outdoor fire pit

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Designing the right space for an outdoor fire pit

As the temperature dips, it’s a perfect time to make your outdoor space warm and inviting with the inclusion of a backyard fire pit.

Over the past few years, a backyard fire pit has become a popular addition to any outdoor space.

This outdoor centrepiece doesn’t take up a lot of space and can be featured almost anywhere. You can get as simple or as fancy as your time and budget allows.

Designing the right space for an outdoor fire pit should factor in location, ground surface, seating and type of fire pit. However, the number one design factor should be family safety. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and check with your local council for any special permits or requirements.

Here are some tips on designing the right space for an outdoor fire pit:

Residential Backyard Fire Pit


Integrating a fire pit into your backyard’s design can be tricky; the location can often be determined by available space. Also consider whether it will be a square or circular design.

If you love entertaining and often have large gatherings at your home, creating a separate space is a good way to maintain some intimacy between guests.

If you choose a wood burning fire pit, you will need to think about smoke blowing into your house.

Either way, we recommend considering your family’s current and future use of the backyard when picking a spot for your fire pit.

The Garden Planners Echuca Outdoor Fire Pit1


Once you’ve picked a location for your fire pit, you need to consider the ground surface.

First and foremost, make sure the ground or surface is even to reduce the risk of fire escaping beyond your fire pit.

Other factors include whether it is a permanent area that can be paved or suitable for timber decking, or a temporary area whereby you can use cheaper products like gravel or lawns to save some expense.



The fire pit is an extraordinary conversation area around which you can have comfortable chairs, benches or sofas.

From a design perspective, a round fire pit can be enclosed by semi-circular seating while a square fire pit can be surrounded by straight walls and benches.

Using materials like timber and bricks to build permeant seating looks fantastic and really creates the right space.

A sunken seating area looks very cosy and comfortable. It provides the perfect entertaining headquarters and also allows for better control of the fire.

Long and wide cushioned benches provide ample seating and invites guests to lounge back, settle in and enjoy the warmth from the fire.

Consider adding accessories like cushions and blankets to provide some support and comfort when guests are gathered around your fire pit.


Fire pits come in unlimited shapes and sizes but the first question you’ll need to answer is whether to install a wood or gas fire.

When you choose a fire pit design that uses wood, you get more of a campfire feel complete with crackle and smoky aroma. Of course, you have to be more careful about not letting it get out of control and making sure the fire’s out before you go to bed.

Gas is undoubtedly far easier to use than wood with just a flick of the switch.

Safety, efficiency, maintenance and overall cost are all key factors in making your decision.


There are a large number of design options and styles when it comes to fire pits. Choosing one over another is not that easy.

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